Camera Operator – Terracross Hay Days

In September 2016, I worked as a Camera Operator for an Echo Entertainment production in association with CBS Sports of Terracross . I was positioned next to the ‘Mystik Mangler’ feature which challenged the stock Polaris RZR 1000’s to climb a nearly vertical wall. There were a couple close calls where I jumped out of the way to be safe. Several 1-hour shows were created from the event. Here are a few of the shows in their entirety. Wouldn’t it be fun to mash around in one of these ripping machines?!

Event Web Show – 2016 US Freestyle Selections Moguls

In December 2016 I went to Winter Park Resort, Colorado to cover the 2016 US Freestyle Selections Moguls competition. My goal was to show the event from different angles including; athletes, coaches, judges, officials, and fans. I shot the event on a Wednesday and had the final video edited the following day. Delivering the final video within 24 hours of the event gained maximum exposure by capturing peoples attention while they were still thinking about the event.

Assistant Editor on ‘Ring the Alarm’

In the summer of 2016 I worked as an Assistant Editor alongside Shane Nelson on professional skier Tanner Hall’s 2-year ski film ‘Ring the Alarm’. Check out some amazing skiing from the Ski Boss himself. This is the third project of Tanner’s that I have worked on, including ‘Like A Lion’ and ‘The Education of Style’.


Russia Photos

In March 2014, and Feb/March 2015 I travelled to Russia in order to work at FIS World Cup Freestyle Ski and Snowboard competitions. My duties included interviewing the winners at each event and working as an on-site coordinator/representative of the international media rights holder, Infront Sports and Media. I took a lot of photos along the way on my iPhone 5C, a 2008 model Canon SD1000 little point and shoot, and a GoPro Hero2.